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Basic observations

This educational package has been produced as a helpful background and reminder on basic patient observations in the clinical workplace. The package covers:

  • taking a pulse
  • checking blood pressure
  • measuring respiratory rate
  • taking a temperature
  • the Glasgow Coma Scale
  • basic ECG monitoring
  • urine output
  • drain losses
  • record keeping
  • 'track and trigger' systems

The module is intended to be a reminder of best practice and will provide users with a better understanding of why procedures need to be followed, the value of record keeping and the possible pitfalls with cutting corners.

The module is aimed at all medical, nursing and allied healthcare professionals working in a healthcare setting. It is also for all community care workers in nursing and private healthcare settings and all FY1 and FY2 doctors and as a helpful reminder to more experienced doctors.

The module runs for approximately 45 minutes. You may require more time to re-read and review specific areas and to undertake the attached questions.

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