MDDL - Medical Device Driving License
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Devices in practice

This training module is in the form of a series of checklists, covering advice on:

  • procurement
  • safe use
  • record keeping
  • maintenance
  • repair

It also sets out guidance for reporting device-related adverse incidents.

This package is aimed at all medical, nursing and allied healthcare professionals working in all healthcare setting. It is also for all pharmacists in any environment and all community care workers in nursing and private healthcare settings.

This training will also be useful to all staff working in a patient or patient supporting area, either someone new to the role or to a long standing professional as a reminder of best practice.

The training module runs for around 15 minutes. You may need more time to re-read and review specific areas and to undertake the attached questions.

Following the training you will have a better understanding of:

  • what is included in the term 'medical device'
  • the principles of procurement of medical devices
  • medical device safety and your responsibilities
  • record keeping and why this is important
  • maintenance and repair and who should do it
  • training device users and what training programmes should contain
  • how to report adverse events and concerns about devices and adverse incidents and why this is important

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